Once the weather turns warm, it can be relaxing to spend your days lounging around outdoors. You don't have to risk grass stains to enjoy the warm weather. J & E Structures LLC offers deck installation and repair services in Bellefonte and State College, PA.

Our professional deck builder will help you construct a deck that's an ideal size for your yard. We'll also help you pick out materials to match your style and budget.

Want to expand an existing deck? Schedule a deck addition consultation with us today. We can also replace your deck if it's unsafe.

5 reasons to install a deck

Don't wait another year to install the deck you want at your property. Here are five reasons why you'll want to call our deck builder in Bellefonte and State College, PA right away:


You'll have an outdoor space to entertain guests.


Your home's value will increase with a well-built deck.


You can design the deck to match your home's exterior.


You can enjoy a new outdoor space quickly.


Your family will have more living space.

If you're ready to improve your property with a deck, call us immediately. We can also perform deck repairs at your home in Bellefonte and State College, PA.