There's no need to worry if you're experiencing roof problems. J & E Structures LLC has the experience and equipment needed to perform any roof repair service in Bellefonte and State College, PA.

Once we figure out what's behind your roofing issues, we'll repair the roof efficiently. We'll even take the smaller repair jobs other companies may not want. Reach out to a skilled roofer at J & E Structures now to renew your roof.

3 signs you need a new roof

You can tell a lot about a roof just by looking at its shingles. Look for these three signs to figure out if you need a roof replacement:


The shingles are curling and losing granules.


The shingles are missing from your roof valley.


There are shingle granules in your gutters.

Don't trust just any roofing contractor with one of the most important protective features of your home. Get in touch with J & E Structures today for roof services in Bellefonte and State College, PA that are a cut above the rest.